Our Pastor


1 Timothy 4:12- ... be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

Bro. Michael Grady has striven to be sincere with the Lord since the age of 14.
Which was when he accepted salvation and later started seeking the gift of the Holy Ghost. After weeks of seeking God for His infilling, God spoke a word to him through the late Pastor Henry Williams which prompted him to believe for this gift rather than "work" for it. Three weeks later his faith became reality. Bro. Grady often speaks of this time when he had not yet realized the gift of the Holy Ghost, because it had not yet appeared IN him as he had seen it appear IN others.  He would go through prayer line after prayer line and come out yelling and screaming, believing he would receive it in this way.  But during these times of earnestly seeking the Lord for this baptism of the Holy Ghost, God had already granted it to Him. And this was later confirmed through the evidence of the Holy Ghost.

Bro Michael endured many struggles being so young serving the Lord, but he was determined to be set apart. He enjoyed it. Many might say that he has less of a testimony to tell because of missing out on so many life experiences. But he has his own testimony of the struggles he endured and the life he led as a young Christian & the grace of God to be kept through them.

Bro. Grady did not always know that he was ordained to be a Pastor. In fact, the only reason he started coming to church was to "hang out" with his cousins. They would sit in the services laughing at church folk shouting and talking about the girls. But then came the season, the word of God actually gripped his heart. It began to take its course and to cause a turnabout. Sitting under this word of God service after service, young Michael Grady was being drawn to the Lord. And at the age of 14, he surrendered and committed.

Under the tutelage of many of his elders, Bro Michael became one of the many zealous ministers of God at Open Door House of Prayer church. Preaching, teaching, and witnessing, he grew more and more skillful in the word of God and anointed in ministry. Not until later on, throughout the years, was it learned that Bro Michael was ordained to be a pastor. In 2006, this was fulfilled. Raised up under the teachings of the late Pastor Henry Williams, Bro Michael was left to carry on the legacy of Jesus over the very church he had been raised in.  Bro. Michael heeded the calling and became "Pastor Grady" - where he resides prayerfully til this day.

Pastor Grady- "My burden is to please God by shepherding His sheep (saved and not-yet-saved) in the manner He instructs".
And To the people- Jesus will respond to anyone who reaches to Him in faith.

Pastor Grady still believes in Holiness and the Old Way; that internal sanctification will always be manifested externally & that Jesus Christ is the same Yesterday and Today and Forever. He strives to carry the mantle Jesus has passed to him from the late Pastor Williams by preaching salvation, faith, deliverance and that same holiness.

You can visit Bro. Grady at Open Door House of Prayer or view services at opendoorhpc.com

If you have any questions about the how to receive salvation, divine healing or the Holy Ghost please feel free to Contact Us.