About Us

“Behold, I have set before you an Open Door”.  The words heard from the Lord by our late Pastor Henry Williams.

Open Door House of Prayer church was started as a little “hole in the wall” on Page Ave in St Louis, MO, early 1970s.  Pastor Henry Williams, at that time, served many hats while pastoring, including being his own church van driver.  One day while mopping the floor, Pastor Williams was in tears, feeling a bit discouraged, longing to increase the church.  At that time, the only members were family, about eight.  Someone opened the door and yelled in “Where are all your members?”  He pressed on mopping the floor, and the Lord spoke to his heart concerning the church.  It was just within a few years later, Pastor Williams received a big move of God, around 1977.  A flood of members, faithful til’ this day, were led to the Open Door House of Prayer church, where they remitted their sins and received the gift of the Holy Ghost.  These all followed on under the pastoral ministry of Bro. Henry Williams and were apart of building and establishing the Open Door House of Prayer church.  The Lord provided himself workers to relieve Pastor Williams, including church van drivers, an organist, prayer warriors, and a faithful cleaner of the church. Open Door House of Prayer grew mightily over the years, and Pastor Williams upheld his church through Prayer always.   Pastor Williams founded the Open Door House of Prayer church through much prayer. He was known as the meat locker preacher, as he spent many hours locked away in an old meat locker praying…..and Praying.  This is how he established the Open Door House of Prayer church, on prayer. It is how this church has thrived over many years. 

A long journey and having seen many changes throughout the years, still this church prevails through Prayer.  Pastor Michael Grady succeeded our late Pastor Williams in 2006, preordained, and through consensus of the church. Pastor Grady carries on the legacy- teaching, preaching, and leading by example through the power of Prayer.

It is no secret that prayer changes things.  Many members later and an established home in Sabula, MO, Open Door House of Prayer Church is yet Alive. Founded on prayer and continuing on through prayer. Join us daily.